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Top 5 Brands of Watch Storage Boxes

If you have a collection of watches, it’s important to keep them safe. Using a watch storage box is one way to do this. This way you can keep your watches looking good for a long time.

Some of the top brands make high quality and durable cases. Some even offer personalized inscribing. That way you can make your case truly personal.

WOLF is a company that has been around since 1834, making it one of the oldest companies still making premium watch storage boxes. These boxes can hold up to five watches and have a number of unique features. Besides the classic WOLF design, they also include a smartwatch USB port.

WOLF’s Windsor is one of their most popular designs. It features a locking glass lid that adds an artistic touch. Besides this, it’s made of vegan leather and has chrome-finished hardware.

Another box from WOLF, the Smart Storage, offers a peek inside and has six compartments for straps. Among its other features are a padded drawer and a port for charging your phone.

Shinola’s watch box is an attractive way to organize your four watches. The supple leather lining will keep them tangle-free. There are even pillows inside for added comfort.

Another company that makes high-quality cases is Scully & Scully. They have a 10-watch storage that splits into two flat-lay arrangements. Using this case, you can easily find the watch you want.

You can also buy the Tool Watch Box, which looks like a toolbox, but actually holds twelve watches. There are also dark tweed pillows included, which will add a classy touch to your storage.



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