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Things to Know Before Planting a Garden

The right plants in the right places can create a successful garden. Before you plant a garden, however, you must be aware of some important things. These include identifying the best plant for your region, choosing the most suitable garden layout and ensuring you have the proper amount of space.

Fortunately, there are many plants to choose from. Some are easy to grow while others are more expensive. It’s a good idea to start with less expensive varieties and work your way up.

A garden is a great way to bring fresh food into your life. Plants need water to survive, so don’t forget to give them a drink from time to time. Watering too often can cause harmful root rot.

Identifying the correct soil type is an essential part of the garden planning process. This includes creating a compost pile or purchasing high quality soil to ensure your crops are nourished.

A good soil test will determine the pH levels and other nutrients necessary for a plant’s optimal growth. Soil tests are available for a nominal fee through your local USDA cooperative extension service office.

Planting the right thing in the right place will help you enjoy your garden throughout the season. If your garden is south facing, you may want to consider planting a tree or other tall structure to provide some shade during the hot afternoon hours.

You’ll also need to make sure you have the best watering system to get your new garden off to a good start. Invest in a soaker hose and set it on a timer so you don’t have to keep rewatering.



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