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Judges Caught Taking Bribes

It is no secret that judges are sometimes caught taking bribes. However, in this case, a judge was actually arrested for a crime. He was accused of soliciting a $18,000 bribe from his lawyer.

The charges are a felony, and he could be put behind bars for at least four years. But he could also be eligible for probation.

Rodolfo “Rudy” Delgado, a former South Texas judicial figure, was convicted in McAllen federal court in July. After a six-day trial, Delgado was found guilty of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and Travel Act bribery.

In another alleged bribery case, a judge in Utah was arrested for allegedly texting a video of his scrotum to court clerks. A law enforcement official said they are going to look at the case from top to bottom.

Another State Supreme Court justice was arrested on bribery charges after demanding a hefty sum from his attorney. Justice Victor I. Barron was charged with soliciting a bribe from his attorney.

Justice Barron was elected to the State Supreme Court in November 1998. During his first year on the bench, he heard civil cases. Later, he became an acting State Supreme Court justice.

A law professor at New York University wrote that a judge does not need money to make bad decisions. Rather, a judge’s corrupt intent is to gain an advantage.

According to the court’s complaint, the judge conspired with his attorney to accept bribes in exchange for favorable judicial consideration in criminal cases. The bribes ranged from $520 to $5,500.



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