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Home Improvement was a popular sitcom in the 1990s. Tim “The Toolman” Taylor (Tim Allen) and his wife Lisa (Pamela Anderson) have a love/hate relationship that is not uncommon in the real world. Although they are not the most philanthropic of people, they are able to maintain a positive attitude while tackling projects ranging from installing new countertops to making the kids learn the ropes at a new school. Despite their misgivings, the pair are able to make some friends along the way.

Al Boland, or Al Borland, was the unofficial sidekick to Tim Taylor. The two partnered together for eight seasons on the ABC show. Their chemistry was not a formal study, but the results were impressive. Al is the most likable of the two, but he is not without fault. He is the biggest fan of his own and is sometimes infuriating to the bumbling Tim.

While the series ended in May 1999, it continues to live on in syndication on several networks. It is considered a must-see in the home improvement community. Those who haven’t had a chance to catch the series can glean much from the cast and crew’s websites. There are even forums dedicated to the series, where fans can discuss the series with like-minded aficionados. A fansite devoted to Home Improvement also keeps a running list of all the episodes. This includes the episodes with the best ratings.

The show also produced a few cult-like fanbases, many of which are still intact a decade after the show debuted. Of the original cast, Allen, Borland, and Anderson, only three still make a full-time commitment to the show.



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