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Harrington Quality Management System

Harrington Quality Management System is a cloud-based solution for business process improvement. It allows companies to manage their five key drivers of shareholder value. This includes the quality, productivity, and performance of products and services. The system is used by manufacturing, healthcare, aerospace, and government organizations.

Harrington’s quality management software is a complete solution for businesses that need to increase quality, reduce risk, and streamline operations. It includes features such as Auditing, Non-conformance, Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA), Training, Document Control, Risk Management, and more.

Harrington’s HQMS has been in use since 1991 and has over 100,000 users worldwide. Its latest release enables companies to easily comply with international standards and industry best practices.

Harrington’s HQMS platform includes applications such as audit management, training management, and supplier portal. It also features a personalized welcome screen and secure login. There are also sorting and filtering options.

Harrington’s quality management software helps organizations to analyze work order trends, identify repetitive work orders, and identify problems. These tools help companies to save time and reduce human error.

HQMS’s administrator interface gives managers and other staff members an overview of company performance. They can then assign tasks, monitor workflow, and analyze performance data. Users can also get free quotes.

Harrington’s supplier portal provides a streamlined solution for companies to evaluate and communicate with their suppliers. Suppliers can receive and submit purchase orders, receipts, and more. Additionally, the portal offers PPAP/SCAR support.

In addition to a user-friendly platform, HQMS users can access free quotes, get matched with vendors, and more. They can also participate in free in-person or webinar sessions to learn more about using the system.



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