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A fashion movie is a film that examines the fashion industry. It can be documentary or fictional. For instance, “The September Issue” shows the inner workings of Vogue magazine.

Another example is Yves Saint Laurent. This French biographical drama, which came out in 2014, tells the story of Pierre Berge, a business partner of Yves Saint Laurent. After the death of Christian Dior, Yves became the head designer of Dior. He suffered from crippling bouts of depression. However, he saved Dior from financial ruin. The movie features subtitles.

There are many other films that tackle the fashion industry, including The Devil Wears Prada. That film starred Kate Hudson as a young model. She is one of the protagonists of a stunt journalism for a rival magazine.

In another movie, Coco Chanel, a young woman gets into the fashion business. She works as a seamstress during the day and cabaret entertainer during the night. Meanwhile, she becomes a lover of a wealthy heir. Her love is fueled by the clothes he wears.

“Phantom Thread” is a fashion movie that portrays the fashion industry accurately. While the story is somewhat claustrophobic, it paints a vivid picture of the world of high society haute couture.

One of the most successful fashion movies of the last decade, Sex and the City, is set in New York. It features a photo-shoot with vogue. It also follows four best friends as they dress up and pose in couture.



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