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Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media

Social media platforms offer a great way to communicate with people from all around the world. But it can also lead to some disadvantages.

When used excessively, social media can cause feelings of loneliness and anxiety. In addition, it can encourage antisocial behavior. Some users use social networking sites as a platform for stalking, hacking, and other illegal worldnewsite.

While social networking has helped in political change, it can also put journalists in danger. Some activists are murdered because of their use of the internet.

As technology advances, people are using more and more social networks. Facebook has grown to 80% of the American population, and Twitter is gaining popularity with young people.

Many business firms have seen an increase in sales and profits because of social media. However, if used inefficiently, it can lead to ineffective labor and a lack of productivity.

Social media can also affect relationships. It can encourage procrastination, which can detract from other important activities. People are distracted when they are on a social media site, which can decrease the effectiveness of their work.

Social media also can be a disadvantage for children. Children can endanger themselves without realizing it. They can also create addictive news247 com.

For instance, a child can end up being stalked or harassed because of a photo on their profile. Similarly, a teenager may be subjected to harassment or blackmail because of an embarrassing photo posted on their timeline.

On the other hand, a person may be able to find more opportunities for employment because of the positive image that social media can present. This is particularly true for those who have disabilities.



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